Michigan State & Administrative Proceedings Attorney

Jeffrey E. Clothier defends Michigan residents in state and administrative proceedings that involve DUI charges, forfeiture, civil RICO proceedings, and driver’s license appeals and restoration. He seeks to represent rural and local residents, using his years of professional legal experience to help the whole of Michigan.


Forfeiture is a law enforcement practice of confiscating personal property from those involved or likely involved in criminal activity. Forfeiture due to criminal activity is often times related to drug crimes or other serious criminal acts. Since the state of Michigan has historically maintained tough forfeiture guidelines, these laws have grown in strength and are often used to severely punish persons involved in criminal acts. In the face of Michigan’s controversially staunch drug penalties, Jeffrey E. Clothier is dedicated to ensuring the rights of Michigan residents are not violated.

Civil RICO Proceedings

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, or RICO, is a federal law dealing with penalties awarded for criminal acts involving organized crime. Civil RICO proceedings handle cases of criminal organizations and recurring criminal activity. Michigan, as well as many other states, has passed anti-RICO laws due to the misuse of the original laws. Jeffrey E. Clothier seeks to represent his clients who fall prey to misused laws. He takes an organized approach when untangling the laws and anti-laws in civil RICO proceedings. It is an involved task that should be combatted with experienced trial lawyers. Jeffrey E. Clothier is a great choice with twenty plus years of experience representing persons accused of criminal acts.

Driver’s License Appeals and Restoration

With DUI Charges, a Michigan resident can lose their license. First-time offenders can lose their license for 6 months, and 2nd and 3rd-time offenders have will lose their license for a minimum of one year. Jeffrey E. Clothier sees these cases as especially destructive to clients who have suffered at the hands of an alcohol addiction and received multiple DUI charges. As an experienced trial attorney, Jeffrey E. Clothier knows what it takes to formulate a clear appeal. Likewise, he is dedicated to getting his clients safely back on the road, after fighting for license restoration.

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Facing forfeiture, civil RICO charges, or losing driver’s license privileges can seriously affect your life. Speak with a skilled defense attorney today by contacting Jeffrey E. Clothier. With decades of legal service, he is the attorney you want on your side. Contact us today!