Suspended Driver’s License Lawyer for Flint, MI

When convicted of a driving-related crime, the state may choose to suspend a defendant’s driver’s license. These cases are particular to each state. In Michigan, Jeffrey E. Clothier has been successfully defending his clients for over twenty years, working as a lawyer to help mitigate suspended license sentences. There are multiple violations that Clothier has experience defending. In all cases, driving on a suspended license is a serious offense that can result in heavy fines or even jail time.

Drunk Driving Violations

Driving while intoxicated is a felony offense with long-term consequences. Not only will the driver’s license be suspended for a time, but also the charge will go on the defendant’s permanent record. In repeated offenses, permanent provisions on the defendant’s personal driving rights or suspension can occur. DUI charges can, however, be mitigated under certain circumstances.

Speeding Violations

Receiving a speeding ticket can be fought in court or paid off. If the defendant fails to pay off a ticket in the allotted time, or if the speeding offense is repeated or particularly severe, then suspension of license can occur. Suspension can also occur in situations where the defendant has failed to address a citation in another state. A suspended driver’s license lawyer can help clearing citations across state lines, as well as assist in understanding certain defenses available against charges.

Reckless Driving Violations

Endangering the lives of others or his or herself can result in the suspension of the defendant’s license. Reckless driving is considered differently (and more seriously) in court than careless or improper driving. Defined as a mental state in which the driver exhibits clear disregard for others on the road, reckless driving is a felony offense.

Driving Without Insurance

The consequences of driving while uninsured vary state to state. In Michigan, where the offense is considered a misdemeanor, charges include a fine of up to $1,000 as well as the suspension of the defendant’s license. Violators may also face jail time, or have their car towed. In some cases, all of these actions may be taken against the defendant.